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Ready to add some Jamaican spice to your event? MrBlackBranson fresh on the Dj scene considers it one of the many creative brushes he uses to tell a story. He will take you from your seat to jamming on the dance floor guaranteed or you can throw the first tomato! 

Inspired by the sounds of Deep Afro House, Afro House, Afro Beats and DanceHall, MrBlackBranson may experiment with fusion remixes to give your event a special charm. 

MrBlackBranson’s signature look of chest showing while DJing is his way of strengthening the visibility for TransMasculine individuals with the confidence of inspiring those around him to keep thriving through hard times and body dysphoria. His personal motto is ‘Share a story, save a life’.

Get a visual sneak peak of MrBlackBranson’s Live DJ sets:

Dancehall Inspired Remix Set for Real Queers (Warning – Flashing lights & Adult Language) 31:04-32:10 muted.
AfroHouse Set for Real Queers (Warning – Flashing lights)

Listen to the audio only version:

Need a Perfromer ? Check out MrBlackBranson’s Music/Spoken Word and other Story projects below.

‘Halloween Love’ – Music Video Story about Nightmare love.
‘I’m so sick & Tired’ – Music Story about releasing mental demons.

MrBlackBranson loves to shout about his adventures. No doubt your event will be next bringing more people in through the doors.

Correct of 22.07.21 – Despite having a micro audience, MrBlackBranson has a high content engagement rate as noted in the photo on the left.

The Audience mix of gender is 50/50 with over 50% in the UK and over 20% in the US.

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