The Life of MrBlackBranson

Mindset Coach

In 2018 I volunteered to be an expert in the area of Life Coaching. I had just started my academic journey since discovering my dyslexia but knew I wanted to work in the wellbeing sector. Now in 2022, I still enjoy volunteering as a Life Coach, even at my Billionaire status it is something I will continue to do.

Every Friday, I put my ‘dress for success’ outfit on before heading in to the office to meet the patrons. Minute by minute we work through mindset changes, empowerment boosts and point out moments of resilience. The patrons are often surprised at their inner strength, often used to hearing the voices of the past – “You have literary become your own bully” I would often say, pointing out the self sabotage holding them back from success.

After every Friday’s session, the feeling of gratefulness fills me. The patrons may never have had a chance to get support otherwise. Society calls the unemployed lazy, I call them the ‘unsupported’. Those patrons never came first in any thing, they are not even the first to be left behind.

Sometimes I see my future in the stories of the patrons, it reminds me to keep my mindset sharp. Continue to be active in making plans. Any plan is better than no plan – now I have a 10 year plan and I work with my patrons to develop a 5 year plan.

To you the reader, there are some common ‘truths’ you should take away.

  • Life will happen with or without you in it.
  • Others are often busy being busy to listen to your busy, therefore get busy in growing your light.

Your light is there I am sure, buried perhaps or already shining, but it is there. decide how you wish to use it, use the support in your area to nurture it. For example, some local libraries offer business support or your local job centre may have coaching opportunities you could access.

In conclusion, our mind is always listening is the biggest reminder I get every Friday when I volunteer with the patrons. Therefore pay attention to what you say.

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